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Black and white image of Singer Johnny Edgar

Scaring the baby ?

So this year has already been busy both personally and professionally. In February I welcomed another new addition to the family, a boy, who we chose to name Freddie after the great artist Freddie Mercury. I have also finally finished construction of my own home studio that I am hoping to spend many peaceful hours rehearsing and recording in.

Professionally, I have already had the pleasure of working with many talented people this year. This has included local artists that have supported me through open mic and jam nights as well as some bigger names such as The Wurzels and Newton Falkner during the beginning of the festival season.

With lots more to come this year it is looking to be one of my busiest yet. Take a look at my gig guide for my upcoming events and hopefully a lot more exiting posts and news to follow.

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Sunshine Radio

Sunshine Radio Weston-super-Mare


Wow just found this picture from my Sunshine Radio interview from all the way back in 2013.

The programme was called live and local and featured short interview segments and 4 of my original songs, with 2 being played live in the studio. I had not realised it had been so long since my last visit, feels like it might be time to meet up with the lovely Steve Ledbrook again soon.


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